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We've been really lucky with Chloe. She's never been a picky eater - the complete opposite, in fact. That little girl will eat anything, especially if her Daddy has it. There was one memorable occassion when she was about 18 months old when she had a full on temper tantrum because we wouldn't let her have a pickled onion. Daddy had one, therefore Chloe had one. Sorry, sweetheart, but you were too young.

She does have phases where she only ever wants to eat one thing. They never last long and she always goes back to eating everything under the sun. We're currently going through a phase of pancakes. Yes, pancakes. They've been her favourite thing ever since Shrove Tuesday.

I asked her what she wants for dinner and she's very emphatic that she wants pancakes. Paul said something about bacon and her face just lit up.

As a result, dinner this evening is pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and maple syrup.

Sometimes I think my life is very peculiar!
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It's cloudy and grey here in Birmingham, and I've got a rare Saturday afternoon off. We had a family lunch out, nothing exciting - just down the local pub, but it was nice to have the ability to take our time and enjoy spending time together.

We're now home. Chloe is stretched out on the living room floor playing with her lego. She really loves the Lego Friends sets that she's playing with the Horse Vet trailer. Two of her favourite things. Horses. Everything is about horses right now. And she wants to be a vet when she grows up.

Paul and I are watching The Originals on Netflix and he's giving me a heavenly foot rub. I'm sitting with my feet in his lap and he's laughing at me as I'm sitting here telling you about it. He's being very supportive of my attempts at this new hobby though he has no real interest in it himself.

Poppy the dog is asleep in her basket, but lookng at the clock I imagine dog, man and child will all soon start to demand food. We had a full meal earlier so I'm thinking something like cheese toasties and tomato soup; always a favourite on a chilly, lazy day

I don't actually know if I have anything in particular to say in this post but I thought I'd share a little snapshot of my afternoon
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Happy Mothering Sunday to all the other mum's out there.

My little girl (and her daddy) made me breakfast in bed - Full English no less! - and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I also got The Music Of Nashville S1 CD boxset and S1 of The Walking Dead on DVD. I feel very spoiled, very loved and I'm looking forward to curling up and watching that tonight after Chloe's gone to sleep.

Paul then said I could spend the day doing whatever I wanted. And honestly, I'm still sitting here in bed. I sprained my ankle yesterday afternoon at the gym so I'm sitting here with it on a pillow, listening to Sam Palladio singing to me and I've been reading The Vampire Lestat. Kind of perfect, really.


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